What if You Notice Moisture Between Your Window Panes?

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Windows are an important part of any home’s structure. They allow natural light to enter the home, and they also allow fresh air to enter the home when they are opened. Because they serve as a barrier between the interior and exterior of your home, it’s important that they are able to function properly and seal as they should. There are certain situations when you should get replacement windows near Dublin, CA, installed in your home. One example would be if your windows are allowing moisture to enter.


replacement windows near Dublin, CAHow can you tell if moisture is able to come through your windows? There are several indications; some are more subtle and some are more severe. A subtle sign that your window is no longer properly sealed is the presence of moisture between your window panes. At first, it might just be a small amount of moisture that you notice, but over time it will get worse. Eventually, you may start to notice other more obvious signs that moisture is entering your home. One example would be in the wintertime, if you notice frost building up on the inside of your window frames, that means moisture is present. You may notice a mildewy or moldy smell near your windows, and you may even see the presence of mildew or mold around the window frames. When you begin to notice these issues, that is a serious sign that your windows are letting in dangerous amounts of moisture. Mildew, and especially mold, can be detrimental to your, your family, and your pet’s health. Some types of molds simply cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in certain people, but other types can cause serious long-term disease if left to grow unchecked. In addition to the health problems at risk, mold can damage your belongings. If it is left to grow on any type of material, mold will eventually begin to break it down and you may never be able to salvage that item again.


As you can see, the presence of moisture in your home is nothing to ignore or be taken lightly. When you start to notice the beginning indications, like moisture between your window panes, you don’t have to immediately run to the window installation company. However, this is a sign that you will probably need to replace your windows in the next couple of years. As soon as you start to notice any type of mold or mildew or excess moisture in your home, you should seriously think about getting new replacement windows as soon as possible.


If you are experiencing some of these issues, and you’re ready to begin the process of getting replacement windows near Dublin, CA, contact your contractor as soon as possible. The window installation company can send someone to your home to give you a free in-home consultation. They will get you started on a schedule of getting replacement windows, and they will work with your budget and needs as efficiently as possible. You will feel better knowing that your home is going to be protected and kept safe from the dangers of moisture buildup.