Thermal Protection for Your Home-5 Tips!

When we think of or hear about thermal protection and home insulation, we often think of our fellow citizens who live somewhere cold: MinneSNOWta, Wisconsin, New York… But, insulation is just as important here in Livermore, CA as it is along the Canadian border! We get hot here. The sun is strong. So, just as our Northern Neighbors need protection from the extreme cold, we and our homes need protection from the heat and sun.

According to the experts here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, here are the 4 areas of focus for your home to keep your energy bills down and your carbon footprint small!

  1. Shades & curtains attention
    When you’re not home, there’s no need to have your window treatments drawn. During the day, when the sun is high in the sky, the sun shining in through your windows can heat your home up a lot. Even with your air conditioning on, your house will feel warmer close to the windows and in rooms with lots of windows. This puts a burden on your air conditioning unit and forces it to work harder than needed. So, when you’re not home—close the drapes!
  2. Choose quality windows
    If your windows are old and outdated—or, even if they’re not, but they aren’t high-quality—consider a replacement project soon. Keeping energy inefficient windows in your home is costing you money every month for your heating/air conditioning bill. Check out vinyl windows at R&M—they’re known for their energy-efficiency, affordability, and versatility!
  3. Fans! Fans! Fans!
    Ceiling fans are a great way to keep the air moving in your house. Not only does the airflow circulate more easily but the need for dropping the air conditioning temps below 73 degrees Fahrenheit is unnecessary. Great money-saver. Also, check out fashionable portable fans!
  4. Keep the air filter clean
    This seems like such a little thing, but keeping it clean and changed-out as necessary helps in a big way. Dirty air filters can become a hazard (as we all know) and they make a huge difference with your A/C. A dirty filter will force an A/C unit to work twice as hard as necessary because the airflow itself is reduced. Makes sense, right? Keep up with your air filters!
  5. Set your air conditioning to “Auto”
    Leaving your A/C unit set to “on” or “cool” is a mistake. Doing this actually increases the cost of your electric bill. If you have the option, set it to “auto”—especially when you’re not home!—to help regulate the temps indoors.

These five tips should help you to keep cool this summer when you’re inside your Livermore home—and they should help you save some money on your utility bills! Keep R&M Quality Windows & Doors in mind when the time comes to upgrade your windows (and, if you aren’t sure if that time is now, our experts can visit your home to help you figure that out!). We’d love to help!

For more details, you can check Livermore, CA vinyl windows.

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