Vinyl Windows for the Budget-Minded Homeowner

Choosing the right windows for your home renovation budget hinges greatly on finances. Of course, there are other factors in deciding what works for your Union City, CA, home, but everything—usually—boils down to one thing: the family budget.

So, how do you make the best decision for your home and wallet, while still weighing-in on other aspects like décor, home architecture, and positively impacting the property value? You choose vinyl windows through R&M Quality Windows & Doors.

Vinyl windows are not only affordable, they lessen future upkeep, which can be costly. They are made to withstand harsh weather and they handle regular wear-and-tear much better than other materials. Wood or metal windows can become troublesome over time as they swell or deteriorate from corrosion, while vinyl windows are superior in holding their shape, exterior surface texture, and color.

We want you to know, our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. This means we take your finances very seriously. That said, our budget-minded customers will be happy to know there are affordable vinyl window options here that will not compromise your aesthetic point-of-view!

Beautiful vinyl window options with R&M:
We believe your budget should never feel limiting. Check out how versatile vinyl windows through R&M can be!

  • Casement: Hinged at the wide and are used either singly or in pairs. These can also work beautifully as a flanked window option next to another style, for added ventilation. Casement windows are known for their air-tightness, as the sash presses against the frame to close.
  • Awning: This style is just like the casement window, only its hinge is on the top. These are great for ventilation during a rain, as the sash provides a cover over the window when open.
  • Hopper: Just like the casement and awning, only its hinge is at the bottom.
  • Slider: On a track to glide open and close from side to side. One movable sash slides over an immobile one for ventilation. This style is one of the most common in contemporary and traditional style homes.
  • Bi-Fold (foldaway): Folds back into a discrete “stack” when it is opened to create a completely unobstructed view of the outdoors (minus any beams or frames). This style is very popular and is growing to become one of the most desired window styles in new construction.
  • Curved: A not-so-common style, but doable and gorgeous. There are many structures these days with unique corners and lookouts. Sometimes, you just need a curved-glass window (and we will be happy to do this for you).
  • Picture: Just like it sounds. Picture windows are a picture-like backdrop to any room without an openable sash. These are typically large windows in large spaces—but they are great for opening up small spaces, too!

We hope you’re excited to work with R&M Quality Windows & Doorsbecause we’re excited to work with you! Is there a style you don’t see on this list? Do you have any questions about our Union City, CA vinyl windows (or other types)? Call us today!


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