Wood VS. Winyl Windows: 4 Comparisons

Wood windows used to account for close to half of all window sales nearly thirty years ago and, now, only account for less than 20%. Guess what replaced them? Vinyl. Now, this does not mean wood windows are lower quality or lacking in something we need—it simply means there are features homeowners sometimes prefer that vinyl has to offer.

The truth is, both wood and vinyl have strong points, according to the pros at R&M Quality Windows & Doors. Let’s check them out together!

  1. Affordability
    Most homeowners look to overall cost first. This is understandable! Cost plays a huge role in what you can—and are willing—to do. The winner in this comparison category is vinyl. How is vinyl so much more affordable than wood? Well for starters, vinyl windows usually have the trim worked-in, while wood windows don’t; thus, requiring the trim work to be done post-installation. And, vinyl is a much less costly material to manufacture!
  2. Maintenance
    More so than any other window frame material, vinyl windows are the lowest maintenance. In fact, they never need to be re-stained, buffed, refinished, or repainted. All you’ll ever have to worry about is an occasional wipe-down with soapy water and they look fresh and new, just like the day R&M installed them. Essentially, vinyl windows require less future work than wood. As mentioned, when wood frames are installed, there is still trim work required, which can be time-consuming. And, going forward, you will periodically need to re-stain or re-seal the framework to keep the frames “healthy” and long-lasting.
  3. Durability
    Both options are very Both window materials are an excellent choice with regard to strength! Wood is beautiful and timeless and is often the best choice for an older or historic home. Further, wood is known for being very durable (especially in storm-laden areas). Though, countless homeowners prefer to choose vinyl because of its unique durability against potential mold, scratches, and cracks!
  4. Energy efficiency
    Both win in this category. Vinyl is known for its energy efficiency and thermal quality. This is a huge selling point with most homeowners, as it saves money on the utility bills throughout the year (which is also good for the environment!). New wood windows (not the old ones your home may still have in it from the 1970s) are great. They keep out the cold, they keep out the moisture, and they keep you comfy indoors.

Here’s the thing—both window options are wonderful. Deciding on one vs. the other is a matter of what works best for your home’s architecture, your personal budget and preferences, and how much maintenance work you want to invest in the future. That said, if you live in or near Livermore, CA, come visit the experts here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors! We would love to show you our selection of both wood and vinyl window options!

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