FAQs: R & M Windows and Your Home

When it comes to home renovation projects, sometimes, you just do not want to visit a professional to ask questions as a first step. Even chatting with the most honest salesperson or design expert can feel overwhelming when all you want to do is gather a bit of info to get your wheels turning.

We get it. At R&M Quality Windows & Doors, our aim is to make sure you feel 100% confident and pleased with your home when we’ve completed our job. To start, though, let’s go over some Frequently Asked Questions regarding some of our window options, shall we?

  1. How do R&M windows prevent condensation between panes?
    Condensation between window panes can be irritating. It blocks your view and is a tell-tale sign that the windows aren’t properly keeping your indoor climate where it needs to be. Further, it can be a sign of warping or poor installation! Our experts have years and years of experience in installing windows right the first time, so you never have to worry about a blocked view or draftiness. And, our high-quality double-pane options are sealed properly, so you do not experience this issue. 
  2. Are vinyl windows a good option for a Californian climate?
    Vinyl windows are an excellent option for our California climate. They are tough, low maintenance, beautiful, and they won’t rot, chip, warp, or fade in color. Even during the hottest or rainiest months—R&M vinyl windows will keep your home consistently comfortable. 
  3. How can R&M ensure I will experience the best replacement experience?
    Most window installation companies and contractors simply install new windows into an existing frame—but, what about the homeowners who want something different? Here at R&M, we offer full replacements as well as retrofit installations. Further, our aim is to work with you as a co-designer for your space. Windows are our specialty, but our professionals are experienced in assisting Dublin, CA, residents in choosing the right look for the home’s size, décor, and architecture. 
  4. Are vinyl windows energy efficient?
    They sure are. Vinyl windows are among the top in the industry for energy efficiency. High-quality options (like the ones here at R&M) will actually help to lower your monthly energy bills and keep the rooms in your home consistently comfortable all year long.
  5. How do I choose the right company for installation?
    This is a big question but easily answered. We advise residents in Dublin and the surrounding areas to get bids from three different reputable contractors/installation experts. Check out samples of products and recently completed job sites. Also—don’t fall for “last chance deals” from salespeople attempting to force you into a quick decision. Window replacement projects are a big expense and shouldn’t be about impulsive, fast decisions. Go with your gut!

We hope these FAQs help you to get your wheels turning! When you’re ready, the staff here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors would be happy to answer further questions and introduce you to various options for your home. Give us a call anytime!

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